Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Final words about signs [probably]

Unless there is a dramatic turn of events -- like the sign thief being discovered and arrested -- I promise this is the last time I will talk about the theft of so many of my campaign signs. Two additional points to make. In my upset state, I forgot to say a public thank you to JOE PIRZYNSKI for spending a couple of hours on Saturday morning with my family searching dumpsters and other locations for my missing signs. He has his own re-election campaign to worry about, and has also had some signs disappear. I don't doubt for a moment that he will be easily re-elected, but it was kind of him to focus on my problems when could have been meeting and greeting voters. Thank you, Joe.

I also want so share some of the great comments that I have received from supporters. The thief may have taken my signs, but not our spirit. Once again, thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging.

“It made my 'Irish' boil that someone would come into other people’s yards and steal them. I was thinking of trying to teach my cats to bark ferociously!“

“I'm hoping for an over-the-top win for you on Tuesday. Everyone I have talked to or emailed is voting for you.“

“What a cheap shot to steal signs. I am sorry for those people. Believe me, their lives will not work well for them. What goes around comes around. I have sent in my ballot and you are sure to win.“

“Wow, who would think that in bucolic Los Gatos, such a thing would occur? Politics do funny things to people!“

“Stealing of signs of winners seems to have become a tradition. You are a winner and will win!!! I will be making calls and sending my own e-mails.“

“Sorry to hear about your signs, that must be frustrating. Wishing you all the best in the upcoming election; you've done a fabulous job for our town.“

“This is outrageous. A few pilfered signs is one thing, but to systematically take them all is really serious. Dirty tricks in Los Gatos can’t be ignored.“

“It is a shame that such tactics are being done in our local Los Gatos election.“

“I have faith that the voters in LG will return you to the Council---most of them are very smart.“

“I have NO doubt at all that there is a Council chair with your name on it!“

“I knew politics could get Dirty - but didn't expect it in our nice little town of Los Gatos.... I guess that the only positive on something like this is that someone is certainly afraid of your candidacy!“

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