Monday, October 23, 2006


What the forms won't tell you

Election Day is just two weeks and one day away and it's time to prepare the second set of financial disclosure forms. Every candidate who accepts donations and/or spends any money on a campaign is required to file a disclosure. All donors who contribute $100 or more are listed by name, address, and occupation. What isn't clear from the form is how many people have donated. I AM SO PROUD TO HAVE RECEIVED CONTRIBUTIONS FROM 105 DONORS. It's not about the money. It's about people being committed to my re-election. A very nice feeling. That helps to compensate for less positive feelings about the theft of my yard signs which is still continuing. Why are my signs being the ones stolen? Is it because they are the nicest looking? Is it because someone thinks they'll be collectible items some day worth big bucks? Because I'm a woman? I'm speculating here, with tongue in cheek, but I have to tell you it is annoying -- especially if the thief leaves other signs or repositions them after taking mine away. Obviously, someone is feeling threatened. Play fair! Let the democratic process do its thing!

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