Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Weekend Whirl

It’s the busy season in Los Gatos. Friday night was the Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Big Deal” event. This year the Chamber partnered with the Alex Smith Foundation. What a nice young man he is [49er quarterback if you are not a football fan], and his foundation to help foster kids who age out of the system is impressive. Saturday morning was the ribbon cutting for Powell’s Candy Store and the kids were lined up waiting. Do you think it was to see the Mayor and Vice Mayor, Mister Jelly Belly or to get a free chocolate bar? Yes, I thought the same. I only got the names of a few of the youngsters who helped us cut the ribbon – BRITTANY RHINE, MEGAN RHINE and BRITTANY KIRWAN. That's Mr. Powell himself standing to the right of me in the photo. He has 4 stores and lives above the one in Windsor. Sweet success story. Sunday was the “Taste of Tuscany” fundraising event for the Los Gatos Education Foundation. Beautiful afternoon with 300+ parents, teachers and community supporters bidding on a lot of goodies. Seems like every weekend in October is packed to the brim.

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