Friday, October 27, 2006


A parallel life

Between Mayor duties and election campaign madness, it’s sometimes easy for me to forget that I have a day job of work that I love. I’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of my business on Jan. 1, 2007, and I have been continuously fortunate to work on projects that are challenging and meaningful. For example, yesterday Mercury News columnist SAL PIZARRO and I drove to Tomales Bay to meet T.C. Boyle, author of “The Tortilla Curtain,” the Silicon Valley Reads 2007 book selection. He was there for a writing conference but he carved out some time to tape a 30-minute interview with Sal that we will use in programs throughout Santa Clara County during Silicon Valley Reads Month in February. It was a long drive, but the interview was terrific and I think it is going to spark many discussions about immigration, the ecology of fear, the American Dream, and other provocative subjects. This is the 5th year of Silicon Valley Reads and I have come to learn that it is as much about sharing ideas as it is about reading and literacy. We hurried back in time for me to make it to the ribbon cutting for TERRI HOPE’s new business venture, Los Gatos Gourmet. She has converted the western end of Los Gatos Coffee Roasting into a delicious-smelling deli and wine-tasting station. I think it will be a big success. It’s clear that Terri loves her business and it reminded me how important it is to have passion for your work. I heard RON GONZALES speak on Wednesday at the San Jose Rotary meeting and he said that being Mayor of San Jose was the best job he’s ever had. I’ve got two “best jobs” in my life right now. Overabundance, to be sure, but it is harvest season after all.

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