Monday, October 30, 2006


Wickedness backfires

If the point of stealing 30-35 of my yard signs Friday night was to put a crimp in my campaign, the effort failed. I am overwhelmed by how kind and supportive people are being with offers of additional donations, prayers, and volunteer time to walk, call, and email voters. One girl made me a homemade sign as a replacement that I will treasure. As one person put it, this lemon is turning into lemonade. So, although it is clear there are a few jerks in the world, this weekend reaffirmed to me that most people have a strong core of values and ethics. I am proud to represent and serve them on the Town Council.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


A message to a thief

Stealing all of my campaign signs from throughout downtown Los Gatos, including the ones in front of my home and off my front porch, is not cool. I have filed a police report. One more sign moves it from petty theft to grand theft. Lights will be burning. People will be watching. Find a better way to entertain yourself between midnight and dawn.

Friday, October 27, 2006


A parallel life

Between Mayor duties and election campaign madness, it’s sometimes easy for me to forget that I have a day job of work that I love. I’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of my business on Jan. 1, 2007, and I have been continuously fortunate to work on projects that are challenging and meaningful. For example, yesterday Mercury News columnist SAL PIZARRO and I drove to Tomales Bay to meet T.C. Boyle, author of “The Tortilla Curtain,” the Silicon Valley Reads 2007 book selection. He was there for a writing conference but he carved out some time to tape a 30-minute interview with Sal that we will use in programs throughout Santa Clara County during Silicon Valley Reads Month in February. It was a long drive, but the interview was terrific and I think it is going to spark many discussions about immigration, the ecology of fear, the American Dream, and other provocative subjects. This is the 5th year of Silicon Valley Reads and I have come to learn that it is as much about sharing ideas as it is about reading and literacy. We hurried back in time for me to make it to the ribbon cutting for TERRI HOPE’s new business venture, Los Gatos Gourmet. She has converted the western end of Los Gatos Coffee Roasting into a delicious-smelling deli and wine-tasting station. I think it will be a big success. It’s clear that Terri loves her business and it reminded me how important it is to have passion for your work. I heard RON GONZALES speak on Wednesday at the San Jose Rotary meeting and he said that being Mayor of San Jose was the best job he’s ever had. I’ve got two “best jobs” in my life right now. Overabundance, to be sure, but it is harvest season after all.

Monday, October 23, 2006


What the forms won't tell you

Election Day is just two weeks and one day away and it's time to prepare the second set of financial disclosure forms. Every candidate who accepts donations and/or spends any money on a campaign is required to file a disclosure. All donors who contribute $100 or more are listed by name, address, and occupation. What isn't clear from the form is how many people have donated. I AM SO PROUD TO HAVE RECEIVED CONTRIBUTIONS FROM 105 DONORS. It's not about the money. It's about people being committed to my re-election. A very nice feeling. That helps to compensate for less positive feelings about the theft of my yard signs which is still continuing. Why are my signs being the ones stolen? Is it because they are the nicest looking? Is it because someone thinks they'll be collectible items some day worth big bucks? Because I'm a woman? I'm speculating here, with tongue in cheek, but I have to tell you it is annoying -- especially if the thief leaves other signs or repositions them after taking mine away. Obviously, someone is feeling threatened. Play fair! Let the democratic process do its thing!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


An evening of Los Gatos Prepared

The first annual Los Gatos Prepared event was a success! Volunteers staffed information tables in 18 neighborhoods throughout Los Gatos to show neighbors what kind of supplies they should have on hand in case of emergency, so that their families could be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. I visited some of the sites and it was great to see so many residents committed to helping the community. It got pretty dark, and many of my photos were too dark to upload on the blog -- so disappointing. Thank you to CARLA GOWDY, HENRY REDMOND, LEE ANTON, JOANNE HOLLIDAY, LIESA FENTON, FAUSTINO HERNANDEZ, ANAPILAR MCDOWELL, VILMA MERCER, AND MARGE STAKE for helping to make Los Gatos better prepared for earthquakes, fires, pandemic flu and whatever emergency might come our way. And a very special thank you to SGT. KERRY HARRIS of our police department for working so hard to coordinate all of Los Gatos Prepared Month and to CAPT. DAVE GRAVEL [seen in the photo] for taking the time to visit many of the sites last night. We ran into each other a few times and I was beginning to think he'd put a tracking device on my car! Looking forward to an even bigger program next year.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Weekend Whirl

It’s the busy season in Los Gatos. Friday night was the Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Big Deal” event. This year the Chamber partnered with the Alex Smith Foundation. What a nice young man he is [49er quarterback if you are not a football fan], and his foundation to help foster kids who age out of the system is impressive. Saturday morning was the ribbon cutting for Powell’s Candy Store and the kids were lined up waiting. Do you think it was to see the Mayor and Vice Mayor, Mister Jelly Belly or to get a free chocolate bar? Yes, I thought the same. I only got the names of a few of the youngsters who helped us cut the ribbon – BRITTANY RHINE, MEGAN RHINE and BRITTANY KIRWAN. That's Mr. Powell himself standing to the right of me in the photo. He has 4 stores and lives above the one in Windsor. Sweet success story. Sunday was the “Taste of Tuscany” fundraising event for the Los Gatos Education Foundation. Beautiful afternoon with 300+ parents, teachers and community supporters bidding on a lot of goodies. Seems like every weekend in October is packed to the brim.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Great ladies of Los Gatos

Last night was the retirement celebration for MARLYN RASMUSSEN, our Clerk Administrator. She has been a mainstay of Town staff for many years and also served on Council in the early '80s. Here she is with MARDI BENNETT BRICK, one of the former Mayors who attended the event. MarLyn is well known in the community for her volunteer activities, especially with the Girl Scouts, and for her annual Halloween party at her Almond Grove home. We will miss her in the office, but I expect we will see her all around town involved in other activities. I had to leave her party early so I could get over to the monthly meeting of the West Valley Federated Women's Club at their Los Gatos clubhouse and present them with a Commendation for 40 years of service to the community. The group just received the 2006 Community Improvement Award from the California Federation of Women's Clubs for their work with Books Aloud. Once again, a lot happening in our community that we may not be aware of.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Signs of the Times

We are now less than 5 weeks away from Election Day and campaign signs are starting to appear everywhere you look in Los Gatos. Last night was the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum which will be broadcast several times on KCAT between now and November 7th. Hope you can watch it. Also be sure to read the interview of me in this week’s Los Gatos Weekly Times for more background on my involvement in the community. Campaigning takes a lot of time and work and Mayor responsibilities don’t take a holiday, so my schedule is pretty jammed right now. I have 60 events or meetings already on my calendar for October, and the calls just keep on coming. But it’s all good stuff and the days will fly by. By Thanksgiving, campaigning will be over and so will my year as Mayor. A special year in my life, and I hope you are enjoying sharing the experience.

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