Saturday, September 23, 2006


Bike Rodeo is fun but a serious message

It was my pleasure to attend the third annual Bike Rodeo this afternoon, sponsored by Cub Scout Pack 556. Thank you, JOE MADDEN, for the invitation. The kids took their bikes through tune-up stations and learned about bicycle safety. Then they competed in contests that tested their bicycling skills and control. Here I am with the award winners: SKYLER, BENJAMIN, STEVEN, LYLE, AUSTIN, CONNER, JOSH, JASON, PAUL AND AUSTIN. It was great to see the youngsters and their parents learn more about safety, especially today when Town staff and officials are still in shock about the very serious motorcycle accident a couple of days ago that has put Community Development Director BUD LORTZ in the hospital with multiple broken bones and other extensive injuries. We are stunned and praying for Bud to recuperate fully and as quickly as possible.

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