Thursday, September 28, 2006


Behind closed doors

As I went this week from event to event, I was reminded about what an active community we are – probably more so than any one of us realizes. Our residents are involved in so many activities and community service projects, and a lot of them are not publicized. Yesterday, for example, I went from the Character Education Task Force meeting at the school district office to the September meeting of the Assistance League of Los Gatos-Saratoga. President TERRI SPICE and I have known each other through our professional careers for many years. Now she’s retired and leading this energetic group of women and their programs for children, seniors and new mothers. Did people driving down Ferris Avenue on Wednesday morning know that 50 ladies were inside making plans to provide 12,000 hours of service? My guess is that there are meetings all over town every week of groups quietly working hard to make our community better and to take care of those who need a helping hand. Way cool, I think.

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