Thursday, September 28, 2006


Behind closed doors

As I went this week from event to event, I was reminded about what an active community we are – probably more so than any one of us realizes. Our residents are involved in so many activities and community service projects, and a lot of them are not publicized. Yesterday, for example, I went from the Character Education Task Force meeting at the school district office to the September meeting of the Assistance League of Los Gatos-Saratoga. President TERRI SPICE and I have known each other through our professional careers for many years. Now she’s retired and leading this energetic group of women and their programs for children, seniors and new mothers. Did people driving down Ferris Avenue on Wednesday morning know that 50 ladies were inside making plans to provide 12,000 hours of service? My guess is that there are meetings all over town every week of groups quietly working hard to make our community better and to take care of those who need a helping hand. Way cool, I think.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Bike Rodeo is fun but a serious message

It was my pleasure to attend the third annual Bike Rodeo this afternoon, sponsored by Cub Scout Pack 556. Thank you, JOE MADDEN, for the invitation. The kids took their bikes through tune-up stations and learned about bicycle safety. Then they competed in contests that tested their bicycling skills and control. Here I am with the award winners: SKYLER, BENJAMIN, STEVEN, LYLE, AUSTIN, CONNER, JOSH, JASON, PAUL AND AUSTIN. It was great to see the youngsters and their parents learn more about safety, especially today when Town staff and officials are still in shock about the very serious motorcycle accident a couple of days ago that has put Community Development Director BUD LORTZ in the hospital with multiple broken bones and other extensive injuries. We are stunned and praying for Bud to recuperate fully and as quickly as possible.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


A busy, busy week

You know I’ve got a lot going on when I don’t have time to blog. Layer re-election campaigning on top of Mayor responsibilities on top of working in my business, and you get a sky high pile of things to do. But it’s all good stuff and that makes this frenetic fall pace worthwhile. So, what have I been up to? Special activities this week included a warm welcome to the new group of volunteers who signed up for the CERT [Community Emergency Response Team] training that started Tuesday night at the Neighborhood Center. As they introduced themselves, it's clear that the success of this program is due in large part to the volunteer efforts of BILL MERCER. One person after another said they learned about it from Bill when he came to their service club, homeowners association, workplace, etc. He's here, there, and everywhere apparantly. This week was also a ribbon cutting for a new Los Gatos medical practice on Los Gatos Boulevard -- Kalia Dermatology & Laser Center. Dr. IRIS GIN explained to me that Kahlia means beauty in Hawaiian. The offices are lovely and they were packed with patients and well-wishers. Friday was a double header with the annual Silicon Valley Leadership Group event for CEOs and elected officials. This year it took place at a Monte Sereno home and the special guest was Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Then it was off to the Art in the Council Chambers reception. The new show features the work of the Los Gatos Saratoga Photography Club, and it's great. Highlight of the week, though, was probably presenting a Proclamation to ERIC CHILDS and ROGER MASON of the Los Gatos Lions Club for the annual White Cane Days event on Oct. 5 and 6. The little white canes with a red band at the bottom that you will see on many lapels that week are symbols of the generous contributions made by the Lions Club and community members to helping the blind and visually impaired in many countries. So if you see them around town on those days, open your wallets wide to help out. And that's the week that was.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Los Gatos Prepared

The only disaster in Los Gatos over the weekend was the possibility of running out of lobster at the wildly successful Claws for a Cause event sponsored by the Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club. Emergency avoided – all of the hundreds of people who attended got enough to eat! But the fact is that a disaster could occur at any time, especially in Earthquake Country. Of course today, on the 5th anniversary of September 11th, we have a different kind of disaster on our minds. There are lots of possible big-scale emergencies that could happen, and that is why I am so proud that the Town of Los Gatos is launching a public education/outreach project called “Los Gatos Prepared.” I am proclaiming October as Los Gatos Prepared Month and we will have information and displays throughout the town. We are encouraging neighborhoods to have get-togethers on October 17th [the anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake] and Town staff and/or volunteers will be available to come by and provide detailed info on how to be self sufficient for at least 71 hours after an earthquake or two to four weeks in the event of a pandemic flu. Some neighborhoods are already organizing pot lucks, BBQs, and ice cream socials. More information is available on the town website

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Farewell to a Los Gatos original

Today was the memorial service for one of Los Gatos' best known residents, JOHN MESA. St. Mary's Church was packed with people who knew him from Los Gatos High School, youth sports, his restaurant/bar businesses, and his career in real estate. His friends and family did a great job with the eulogy -- capturing Johnny's unique personality and the lasting memories he leaves behind. All of Los Gatos will miss him.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Thursday was Hooray for Police Day

I forgot my camera on Thursday so you're not going to see photos of yesterday's nice event -- the annual police recognition event that has been sponsored by Rotary for the last 17 years. Until this year it was a dinner or lunch at a hotel or the country club. This time it was a BBQ picnic in Pageant Grounds park behind the Civic Center. I liked this format because there was more opportunity to move around and personally say thank you to the men and womenn we count on to be there to help and protect us. Police Chief SCOTT SEAMAN did a great job in singling out the accomplishments of every person in the department. The community policing vision he has -- knowing every person who lives in town -- is ambitious but is at the heart of the community policing philosophy. We are lucky to have these outstanding folks working on our behalf.

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