Sunday, August 27, 2006


Today is Pascagoula Day in LG

It was my honor to proclaim today Pascagoula Day in Los Gatos to commemorate the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina [Aug. 29] and to recognize the efforts of Los Gatos individuals, organizations and businesses to help the people of our adopted sister city recover from the devastation they experienced last summer. Please visit the website to get more information on how Los Gatos has helped and what still needs to be done. Recovery will take 2-3 years, and Los Gatos is committed to long-term assistance. We had two guests from Pascagoula in town this weekend – Linda Cumbest and Linda Whitmore – and it was fun to see them talking with folks at both the Farmers Market this morning and Music in the Park this evening. And it gave me a great example to talk about at the kick-off reception for the 2006-07 Leadership Los Gatos class this afternoon. The initiative of our residents to step forward and say we want to help – and then making it happen -- is what leadership is all about. Special applause, please, to these individuals who were among the first to care and get involved: TOM CARSON, JOE VAROZZA, DAVE HENDERSON, LEE NEISH and FRANK BERGANDI. More have joined the effort but it was these fellows who were the “early adopters” of the Los Gatos Town to Town Consortium.

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