Thursday, August 24, 2006


The next generation of leaders

Today was orientation day for the 2006-07 Youth Commission and it was my pleasure to deliver an official welcome from the Mayor. They will spend the rest of the afternoon learning about the workings of town government, and beginning to plan what they would like to accomplish this year. These teens are so impressive. No need to worry about tomorrow with their capable hands ready to take the helm. If you know any of them, please say Congratulations and Thank You for serving the Town: REETA BANERJEE, JONATHAN BERTHET, ASHLEY YUKI, OLIVIA COLLIVER, JORDAN KAHLER, LIZ MELLEMA, PETER HADAR, STANFORD STICKNEY, AMY ZHANG, HALLIE BARNES, ELLEN ROCKDALE, BRONWYN STONE, JAN VAN BRUGGEN, NICKY ROBINSON, ZACH HERSBERGER, RACHEL CARSON, SUSAN KAHNG, JASON LOUIE, LINDSAY TRONE, KELSEY HALL. And thank you, also, to Police Chief SCOTT SEAMAN and the team from the Police Department for being such great mentors and liaisons to the Youth Commission.

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