Thursday, June 22, 2006


Living among the wild

The other day I was complaining to a friend [who does not live in Los Gatos] about the deer eating the agapanthus in front my house. Every time they start to bud I go out and find them nibbled away. So my friend gets this quizzical look and says, “But you live in downtown. You have deer in your neighborhood?” Visitors don’t seem to realize how much Los Gatos is nestled into the hillside of the Santa Cruz mountains. One or two blocks off of Main Street and you’re into canyons and nature. Over the years, we’ve had many wildlife visitors to our home – raccoons [Who can forget the time my husband opened the door to the garage to see 5 raccoons on our cars. That was when we eliminated the cat door to the outside world.] … opossum … lizards … one snake … an injured hawk that we had to rush to the Wildlife Center … countless crows…roof rats ... … and an unfortunate backyard encounter between our dog and a skunk. We walked the dog to the groomer to save our cars, but 3 baths were only able to partially tone down the smell. It’s an interesting experience to walk across town with a dog that’s been skunked and watch people turn around to see where that odor is coming from. We think it’s the best of both worlds – you walk one way out our front door to a world class charming downtown and the other direction to feel as if you’re miles away from metropolitan life. I guess agapanthus blooms are a small price to pay.

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