Thursday, May 18, 2006


History on the Boulevard

Do you know that feeling when you visit someplace for the first time and you immediately know that it is a friendly, joyous environment? That was my experience on Wednesday when I attended the inauguration of officers of the History Club of Los Gatos. I have been to the History Club many times through the years for wedding receptions and other special events, but it was my first time to meet the members of the club that goes back to 1897. There are now close to 100 members and many of them were in attendance this week to enjoy a refreshing homemade ice cream dessert and applaud the new officers: CAROL BURT [president], MAXENE BLOOD, MARGE ULRICH, THERESE WIESE, HARRIET FISHER, FAUSTENE HEILMAN, MARGE RICE, JUBIE JARAMILLO, KATHY CUSICK, LYNNE DAHMS, MARGARET SCHU, MARYON HICKS, and GWEN DAVIS. It was also wonderful for me to talk with SARA MORABITO who worked with my mom for many years at General Electric. Brought back a lot of great memories. The ladies of the History Club of Los Gatos told me I’m welcome to come back any time, and I surely hope I will be able to do so soon.

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