Saturday, May 06, 2006


A dare that's good for us all

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) is a national program for 5th graders in which a police officer leads a series of classroom lessons about how to resist the pressures to experiment with drugs and alcohol. At the Council meeting this week, we had three students from Blossom Hill School who were DARE essay contest winners help us with the Pledge of Allegiance – JESSIE BLUMENFELD, HOLLY HOLLAND, and COLE FERGUSON. KELSI KRANDEL, another essay contest winner, could not be present. It was an appropriate time for them to visit Council Chambers since we also that night celebrated our Police Department’s most recent honor – the James Q. Wilson Community Policing Award. Chief SCOTT SEAMAN and several officers were on hand to receive our congratulations for their outstanding efforts in serving our community. Thank you to HELEN BURGAND, Cole’s grandmother, for providing me with a copy of the photo of the essay winners and the Chief, and to PAM FERGUSON, Cole’s mom, for sharing his winning essay, titled Dreams, with us. Here is an excerpt: “Most kids like me have dreams of becoming famous or to become known for doing something brave, but if you smoke, drink, or do drugs your chances will be ruined. In life you have two big choices, which are either eat healthy, don’t smoke, drink, and don’t do drugs, or you can do the opposite…I will never ever take harmful drugs or smoke in my life because I want to full fill my dreams and live long.” Good words to live by for us all.

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