Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Play ball!

April 29 is Little League Day in Los Gatos so it was appropriate to have a few representatives of local teams help us with the Pledge of Allegiance at this week’s Council meeting. Thank you to STEPHANIE HIBBITTS for this photo of me with the players: MATT BERGANDI, JOEY BERGANDI, KYLE KEVORKIAN, CLIFFORD HIBBITTS, CLAY HIBBITTS, and LYLE HIBBITTS. It brought back fond and not-so-fond memories of the days when I was attending games at Balzer Field to watch my stepson play first base for the Los Gatos Little League minor division Dodgers team. The not-so-fond part is remembering what it is like to have Snack Shack duty while pregnant with my daughter (who participated in softball while at Van Meter). Gooey nachos is not such a good thing when you’re fighting morning sickness. I’ve also included here a photo sent from Pascagoula, Mississippi showing the gleeful girls’ softball team and their coaches unpacking the 7 pallets of equipment donated by parents and friends of Los Gatos Little League. The kids in our adopted Katrina-ravaged city will have a great spring season, thanks to the generosity of Los Gatos residents.

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