Wednesday, April 05, 2006


On the look-out for a book

I read a lot – about 100 books a year. Maybe a few less in 2006 since the Mayor role takes up quite a bit of time. But reading is still part of my daily routine, especially early in the morning while I’m waiting for the newspapers to arrive. I read a lot of mysteries, but I am also fond of books centered in small towns. If you’re already familiar with Mitford, Covington, Pickax, Lake Emily, Alpine, Abbotsville, Partonville, Crozet and Long Piddleton, you’re my kind of reader. The problem is that my favorite authors can’t write as fast as I read, so I’m always looking for new writers to enjoy. If you have a recommendation, I would welcome it. One good thing about being at the Civic Center several times a week, it’s very convenient to take full use of the Los Gatos Library. I comb the book review sections and place my name on the waiting list for bestsellers. It’s exciting to get that notice in the mail that one of my reserved books is available for pick up. Shareholders in Borders and amazon are probably sad, but my bank account and already filled-to-the-brim bookshelves are happy to see me take advantage of the wonderful service available FREE to all of us. Yeah for public libraries!

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