Thursday, April 27, 2006


Friends are everywhere

Every Wednesday the Neighborhood Center is filled with 55+ residents who spend the morning playing cards and board games and then enjoy a delicious lunch. The mayor is invited to speak there every year, and it was nice to visit and to see old friends such as ANITA and DON WOLF [who may be beaming in this photo because of their grandbaby triplets!!]. Don sold me my first personal computer in the early ‘80s when he owned Wolf Computer on North Santa Cruz Avenue and Anita was a member of our inaugural Leadership Los Gatos class. I also ran into CHERYL HALLBERG, who I knew years ago when I was the faculty advisor of the Certificate in Marketing Communications program at San Jose State University. I stopped teaching when I was elected to Town Council in 2002, but I continue to cross paths with some of the students who were enrolled in the professional development classes. Many worked for high tech firms at the time and are now enjoying a different type of career that is less volatile but still uses some of the skill sets they developed in marketing communications. Anyway, it's nice to unexpectedly run into people you know -- one of the many advantages of living in a small town.

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