Friday, March 03, 2006


Young at art

Last night I attended the opening reception for this month's “Art in the Council Chambers” exhibition that serves the dual purpose of showcasing talented local artists and adding color and energy to the dark brick walls of the room where so many of us spend hours. The program is organized by the dedicated members of the Town's Arts Commission. This month features oil and acrylic paintings from students at Los Gatos High School. Their teacher, enthusiastic THAD SMITH, selected 23 works that include landscapes, still lifes, and replicas of masters. Four of the young artists were at the reception with me: SALLY STANLEY, KAITLYN HILL, KELSEY TRIGG, and ASHLEY SWEET. For someone who can barely draw a stick figure [that would be me], it is amazing to see their skill. Thad is in his first year at LGHS and says that he is finding Los Gatos students to be “motivated and inspired, and that shows up in the quality of their work.” Several of his students plan to attend fine arts colleges after high school to further develop their talent. The public can visit the Council Chambers to view the art during March. Other students whose work is exhibiting include: SUSAN KASPER, DANIEL MAHER, XIAU-FONG WEE, MICHAELA SIMMONS, KATE BRAHAM, STEPHANIE WILCOX, KELLY ESREY, ANDREW EMMONS, DANNY DILL, KEELY SNOOK, SUSAN ALFS, ROSE MONAHAN, AMANDA PAYNE, JAYINEE BASU, DYLAN SCHER, and KATHLEEN LEARY.

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