Friday, March 24, 2006


Van Meter Read-In

This morning it was my pleasure to be one of several adults representing a wide variety of professions to take part in the annual Read-In at Van Meter Elementary School. I was assigned to read “Thank You, Mr. Falker” to MR. HIGHLAND’S 5th grade class. He tells me this is a class that likes to read and write, and several have had letters to the editor published in either the Los Gatos Weekly or the Mercury News. Very impressive group of young people. Last year I read the “Three Legged Cat” to the kindergartners, which sparked a lot of fun sharing about favorite pets. The point of the event is for the students to learn a little bit about different occupations and to hear about how important reading skills are for work and pleasure. Thank you to the volunteers who coordinated this event including ALEJANDRA KRAMER, SIVIA VAN GUNDY, MICHELLE SEGER, CAROL TINSLEY, ROSEANNA BERKOWITZ, NATALIA DAL PORTO, SHEILA HOFFMAN, GINA BOMMARITO, CATHY LARSON, SUE FARWELL, and GAIL BODDY.

One of the best parts of our local school community is the fact that adults and other community members are welcomed into the schools. I am glad to hear Mayor McNutt had a good time.

Chris Miller
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