Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Allow me to brag

The best part of being a Mayor is being able to unabashedly brag about your community. In Los Gatos, that could mean multiple postings every day if I were going to try to keep up with all of the good things going on in our town. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to boast about the successful efforts of some of our residents to help folks in Pascagoula, Mississippi, our adopted city in the Los Gatos Town to Town Katrina Consortium. Today I learned from FRANK BERGANDI that Los Gatos Little League has collected 7 palettes!! of new and used gear for the Pascagoula Youth Baseball. It will make a real difference to the kids in Pascagoula to have the opportunity to “enjoy a little normal” this spring while their community is rebuilding. Go to www.lgll.org to see more photos. And Frank has specifically given credit to MARC MURANO, DAVE BURT, STEVE FERRONI, Moore Buick and LG-Saratoga Girls Softball for their help in making this happen. This is great news to take to tonight's Community Unity meeting. About 20 organizations are expected to attend to talk about how they can collaborate, partner and cooperate on projects to improve the town in general or the quality of life for individuals.

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