Monday, February 06, 2006


Most fun day so far

I'm not even 100 days into my year as mayor and already it's hard to pick the day that has been most enjoyable. The tree lighting ceremony at The Terraces in December and the tree lighting ceremony at Plaza Park were a joy. Watching the four members of the Los Gatos Youth Commission -- REETA BANERJEE, FOREST GALLIEN, JORDAN KAHLER, JACQUELINE KEMP -- who attended the National League of Cities conference in Charlotte, North Carolina made me proud of them and confident about the future of our community. It was fun to be in the lead car in the annual Children's Holiday Parade, but it was also enjoyable and memorable to be there for the opening of the new dog park. [As you may have read in the Weekly, it had to close for a few weeks so the County could repair the turf that got torn up by too much use during those soggy rain days we had earlier this winter.] Here's my husband, Michael Cronk, and our Samuel at the dog park event. Samuel will be 15 years old this month.

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