Sunday, February 26, 2006


Beyond the horizon

The front page article in today’s Mercury News talks about a vision for downtown San Jose that is being formed by a group of corporate, arts and community leaders. Some may read about their ideas and think they are too ambitious. Others may think that this is exactly what San Jose needs to move to the next level of city achievement. Either way, a discussion about future vision helps a community discuss its values and create a long-term strategy to meet the needs of its residents. This is exactly what I think needs to happen in Los Gatos. We need to develop a 2020 vision for our town that identifies our goals and priorities, and creates an action plan to make it happen. Just as it is difficult in our personal or business lives to set aside time to be thoughtful about the future, it is hard for a small municipality to break away from the demands of today to consider what is beyond the horizon. But I believe that is a major responsibility of leadership. What should the 2020 vision of Los Gatos look like? That’s not for just me to say. It should be the outcome of a community dialogue that taps into the hearts and minds of as many of our residents as we can persuade to participate. The 2010 General Plan Update will be a key part of this conversation, but we need to also look for other opportunities to engage the community in thinking about what lies ahead – and what we need to do to protect and enhance the quality of life we enjoy in Los Gatos.

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